Junko Theresa Mikuriya
By Horace’s Fountain, 12:30pm - 12:34pm
Sabine Hills, Italy
Self-portrait, 18:19pm – 18:24pm
Oliveto, Italy
Hammock, 17:06pm - 17:16pm
Oliveto, Italy
Frances on a Sunday, 1:12pm – 1:22pm
Eight hours of sleep, 12:30am – 8:30am
Hong Kong
Pinhole Polaroids
Pinhole photography takes us back to the very origins of the photographic medium as writing with light. Also known as lensless photography, it does not require the interference of a lens, a shutter or any other complex device. All that one needs is a light tight container. A small hole is pierced into one side of the box. A film or a piece of photographic paper is placed inside the container, on the other side facing the hole. Light bursts through the opening, inundating the dark container and fixing the shadows of the exterior world onto the light-sensitive emulsion.